Grad School: The Secret Syllabus

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Applying to Grad School

Moving into North American Academia from Non-U.S. Institutions

How to Choose Your Writing Sample

Writing to Potential Advisors

Language Training

Letters of Recommendation: When and How to Request Them

Finding the Right Advisor

Absolute Beginners

First-Year Chaos

The Summer Before Grad School Begins

No One Remembers Your Application

Getting Your Research Off the Ground

Meet a 5th-Year PhD Student Right Away

Start Reading Dissertations Right Away

Start Attending Job Talks Right Away


How to Choose Courses

Getting Feedback from Your Instructors

Independent Study and Directed Readings

Course Evaluations are Biased (and We Should Tell Our Students So)

From Research Proposal to Final Paper

Health and Well-Being

Mental Health

The Sophomore Slump

Where to Live (On or Off-Campus)?

Should You Date a Colleague?

How to Live a Secret Life

Research, Writing, and Publishing

Publishing 101: How the Process Works, Start to Finish

How and Where to Meet Editors and Publishers

How to Write an Author Response Letter

Negotiating Better Book Contracts

What if a Press Rejects Your Book?

Edited Volumes and “Special Issues”

Should You Publish in Grad School?

The Minefield of Informality

First-Name Basis or Dr.?

Mind Jobs and Tailspins: When a Passing Comment from a Senior Colleague Ruins Your Week (or Month)

Working With Your Advisor

How Often to Meet With Your Advisor?

Losing Your Advisor: What’s Next?

Advisees Teach Their Advisors How to Advise

Your First TAship

Your Slides Suck: What Profs Can Learn from Graphic Designers

The Secret to Better Evaluations

How to Run Office Hours (Hint: Stop Calling Them “Office Hours”)

Course Evaluations are Biased (and We Should Tell Our Students So)

Course Evaluations Inequality: When TAs Pay the Price for a Crappy Instructor

Working with your Instructor Effectively

How to Treat Student Athletes with the Respect They Deserve

Orals and Comprehensive Exams

Briefing Memos

An Introduction to Orals

How to Answer Every Orals Question

How to Drill for Orals Exam Questions

What Happens If You Fail Orals?

Fellowships and Grants

Dissertation Grants

Multi-Year Grants

Conference Grants

Small Grants


When Should You Start Applying to Conferences?

Academic Conferences for Introverts

Money (Beyond the Stipend)

Honoraria: How Much to Expect for Giving an Invited Talk?

Reviewing Articles and Manuscripts: How Much Will You Get Paid?

Writing for Magazines and Newspapers

Promoting Your Research (Sorry, But You Have To!)

Launching a Website

Social Media for Grad Students

Self-Promotion: OK or Not?

The Dissertation Defense and Job Search

When is the Earliest to Go on the Job Market?

Do This After Your Dissertation Defense

First-Round Job Interviews in Academia

How to Negotiate a Job Offer