Grad School: The Secret Syllabus

A Dissertation is Not a Book
If you're a PhD student, stop comparing your dissertation to major works …

Program Begins 1/10/22

In Grad School, there are two syllabi: one public, one secret.

The public one tells you all about required coursework and milestones. The secret one is full of unspoken assumptions and a map to the minefield.

In this mentorship program, I’ll guide you through the “secret syllabus” of grad school, sharing concrete, practical advice. Whether you’re applying to grad school, or about to defend your dissertation, this program is for you.

What You’ll Get

Real-World Models

Templates & Models (Grad Applications, Grants & Fellowships, Orals/Comps Prep, How to TA, Getting Published, Job Search + Much More)

Customized Guidance

Weekly Newsletter, Video Tutorials (Ad-Free), Exclusive Interviews

Connection & Community

Live Roundtable Discussions, Members-Only Discounts for Professional Development Webinars and Courses


“I used your ‘cover letter’ video to write my first application for a job, and worked with your ‘resting scholar face’ video to practice for my job talk. And happily I got the job!”

Shachar Timor-Shlevin, MSW, PhD
The Louis and Gabi Weisfeld School of Social Work
Bar-Ilan University

“I have benefited so much from your YouTube channel First Gen Professor. THANK YOU!”

Jessica Siu-yin Yeung
PhD Candidate
Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies
SOAS University of London