Life After Tenure: The Secret Syllabus

Tenure track is not a “track” at all.

It’s a winding path studded with obstacles, and criss-crossed with byways leading nowhere.

In this mentorship program, I’ll guide you through the “secret syllabus” of tenure-track academia, sharing what I’ve learned during my 15-plus years at Stanford (where I achieved tenure on an accelerated, 6-year clock).

What You’ll Get

Real-World Models

Templates & Models (Book Proposals & Contracts, Cover Letters, Grant Apps, Tenure Review + Much More)

Customized Guidance

Weekly Newsletter, Video Tutorials (Ad-Free), Exclusive Interviews, Customized to You

Connection & Community

Live Roundtable Discussions, Discounts for Professional Development Webinars and Courses

Pay What You Can

(FREE is OK, if you need it.)

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Following some of the tips on your channel, I was able to land a tenure-track position.

Lashon A. Daley
Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature
San Diego State University
(Former Ph.D. Candidate, Performance Studies, UC Berkeley)

Thank you for allowing me to see your Guggenheim application. It turned out to be very helpful, and I won a fellowship.

Ronit Ricci
Chair, Department of Asian Studies
Professor, Departments of Asian Studies and Religion
Hebrew University of Jerusalem